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Training walks are also offered. These enable teaching in real life situations and are useful, for example, for developing attention, good recall, loose lead walking, etc.


All you will need are lots of rewards for your puppies and dogs - and plenty of enthusiasm.

Classes are designed to be fun, relaxed and teach handlers how best to train their puppies and dogs. All puppies and dogs will have the opportunity to take the APDT Good Companion Awards at the end of their course.  Classes are held on Wednesday afternoons at Shipton Gorge Village Hall, Church Lane, DT6 4LZ.


Puppy Course

Puppy courses run on a rolling basis so your puppy can join as soon as they are ready. Courses run for eight weeks. These focus on learning the basics such as attention, recall, loose lead walking, give, leave, sit, down, stay etc. Advice is also given on topics such as toilet training,  socialisation, biting and mouthing, etc.


Older Puppy/Adolescent/Adult Dog Classes

Classes build on the fundamentals of training including: dealing with distractions, increasing distance and duration of behaviours, etc; addressing normal issues of adolescence in dogs; and overcoming common problems for dogs and handlers. More advanced classes encompass aspects of scent work, fun marker exercises, 'send away', smart retrieves, etc.